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Greetings, we are Sweetie Bear Asian Snack Centre, a local candy store situated in Ajax. Our objective is to offer an exceptional selection of new and distinctive snacks from Asia to our valued customers.

Established on November 18, 2019, in Ajax, Ontario, our inspiration for this venture stemmed from our founder's childhood experiences in Asia. Unlike North American convenience stores, where it is challenging to find snacks and food, in Asia, there are typically two or three such stores right outside one's home. As a result, our founder grew up consuming a variety of snacks. However, upon arriving in Canada, it became apparent that finding Asian snacks was more challenging than anticipated, leading to the idea of establishing Sweetie Bear Asian Snack Centre.

We cater to individuals who are passionate about Japanese culture or those who are always on the lookout for novel experiences. We warmly invite you to visit us and experience our exceptional offerings firsthand.

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