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Our Roots

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Hello~ We are Sweetie Bear Asian Snack Centre~ We are a neighbourhood candy store located at Ajax that tries our best to deliver all the new and unique snacks from Asia.

We were founded in Ajax, Ontario, on November 18, 2019. The intention of starting such a business comes from my experience as a child living in Asia. Unlike convenience stores in North America, we can easily find 2 or 3 convenience stores just outside our homes, and we can easily find snacks and food. As a result, I have been eating different snacks since I was young. After I came to Canada, it turned out that it was way more difficult to find Asian snacks than expected. And it comes to the idea that I would become the one who delivers the Asian snacks to people. 

If you are interested in Japanese culture, or you always looking forward to trying something new, please feel free to drop by and check us out~.

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