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18 Prohibited Extremely Spicy Chicken Curry (Pain) (Only For Adult)

18 Prohibited Extremely Spicy Chicken Curry (Pain) (Only For Adult)

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  • 18 Prohibited: Since this curry is extremely spicy, hence people under 18 years old please do not eat.
  • For customers with high blood pressure, poor physical condition, or a weak stomach, please do not consume.
  • If you are weak to spicy, or even you enjoy spicy foods, please stop eating immediately if you are feeling uncomfortable.
  • Milk products would be recommended before consuming this curry.
  • In case of any emergency or accident, please have your phone ready with you.
  • In case the curry has reached your eye, please wash them with a huge amount of water and go receive medical help from doctors.
  • If anything happened due to the spiciness of this product, manufacturer and we would not take any responsibility!